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[[Hahaha, thank you, everyone, for informing me about the new Dunkmaster Darius skin. I think the skin and new VO’s are hilarious. …Summoner Zuli on the other hand-]]

"That…. That looks like Darius, but no… No, that can’t be him."

Poor Draven;-;

Greetings there, can i ask you where did you find the 'Skullgirls Dialogue box'? or did you manage to make everything, even the font (Dang!)

lol I cut dialogue box from cutscenes ,by PS. 

font, I’m search in google and I found This [Click] 

do you see that Layer??

And I drawn my oc in sai

Just doodle……Just doodle guys….  my SkullGirls Oc Character 


•Being Selected
-Hell yeah!!

•Pre-round Introduction

-Do I….know you?..
- Let ‘s Finish this !
- I’m gonna enjoin this!
- Ha! Feeding time!
- Girl… Let me cut your hair!(vs Filia)
- Where did you get that hat!? Let me have it!( vs Cerebella)
-I love your voice ,Girl. but you have to end here… ( vs Squigly or Eliza)
-cartoon ? That so real!..
( vs Peacock)
- wow Big boob …..Sorry I don’t care ~ ( vs Valentine)
-Let see Who will next champion! ( vs Beowulf)

- I’m …ok
- Ah ! That hurt
- Try again kid!
- I’m not done ,yet!
- Oh man…
- show must go on


- See ya(Tagging out)
- I’ll be back soon (Tagging out)
-Bye bab.. (Tagging out)

- Jack is back! (Switching in)
- Who that handsome guy (Switching in)
-I’m in! (Switching in)

- Soon(Switching out)
- Don’t let me down,sweetie(Switching out)
-GG! (Switching out)
- You go girl!
(Switching out with Filia)
- Sing for me!
(Switching out with Squigly)

- Home run!(Outtake)
- Fly away! (Outtake)
- See ya!!! (Outtake)

- Who that handsome guy!?
- Thank for let me win
- It all..Skill
- Beating by Fishermen
- Show is over ( to Cerebella) 
- Poor girl…. (To Painwheel) 
- Sorry girl ..I have to win this !
(To Filia ,Squigly)

• lose 
- No…way…
- It…can’t…be
- I’ll fight to the last…breath
- I can’t…ah…..
- Great….Job..(to Squigly)
- You go….Girl…….(to Filia)
- best joke .e.. ver ( to Cerebella)